Easy Peasy Homeschool –> Review and Guide

Easy Peasy Homeschool is a free online method to study from preschool to high school. More conveniently, it is used by a homeschooling mother named Lee Giles. After completing the additional course, extra is added to the curriculum. Easy Peasy all in one homeschool is the best way to prepare the college program which covers all the things from the high school.

easy peasy homeschool

Actually, this is the perfect blend of Charlotte Mason as well as Traditional methods along with online source or lap booking. To accomplish this, they utilize copy work, real books, pictures as well as narration tools or techniques.  

Along with this, easy peasy homeschool also incorporates activity sheets or online sources which are more traditionally designed. What you need to do is that you just to link all the sources online. There is also need to take print out of certain activities. For this, you need some basic things like paper, pencil, glue, scissor and so forth along with computer and data connection.

How to use Easy Peasy Homeschool

You have two options if you intend to start with this curriculum: first – select the level of child-like premade level that is First, Second, Third or mix and match. They can choose the distinct levels for their children for reading, math, arts etc selected from the side menus.


At the top of the site, you can get complete knowledge of course in order to know what they will learn. In second options – you need to select the course year. Mostly you children will select the same program year. Here you have following options regarding the program year:

  • Program Year – 1: Ancient History and Biology
  • Program Year – 2: Early American History and Animals
  • Program Year – 3: Culture and Earth Science
  • Program Year – 4: Modern History and Chemistry

Courses link Music, Art; Computer appears once in a week in the curriculum during the time periods of study. Now if you preferred to use the full curriculum the click on the grade level and find day 1. What you need to do is follow the direction and clink on the links. When you look a sign * then it means you have something to print out.

The grade level incorporates some of the topics like English, computer, math as well as thinking. Language Arts covers spelling, grammar, creative and non-fiction writing. The program level also falls into two levels. Level L – lower level for one through four. Level M – medium level for five through eight. The easy peasy all in one homeschool program has been set up in such as way that the all your children could study the same things or same program year.

Why is it recommended to use Easy Peasy Homeschool?

There are several main reasons which enforce the individuals to avail the services of Easy Peasy Home School. Some of them are explained below:


  • Easy Peasy Homeschool is completely free.
  • It allows you to customize your course according to your need.
  • The curriculum is completely based on the college. So, you wouldn’t need to change in between.

What are its main Drawbacks?

Some of the concern regarding is that how to navigate the information as well as use the curriculum in a proper manner.

But in our view, it is not hard to understand since as you become aware of the same you can easily know everything. 

Overall easy peasy all in one homeschool is a very good curricuulm and we would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of starting homeschooling. Go, Easy Peasy Homeschool all the way!!