Bob Reina: Police Officer Turned Entrepreneur

Bob Reina is the kind of individual who believes in taking huge risks as long as the reward is worth it. The entrepreneur gave up his steady paying job of being a police officer to truly go after the American dream. Even his close family and friends couldn’t understand his decision to walk away from a steady paycheck to try his hand at becoming a successful entrepreneur. Many thought he was losing it. They had a point considering he had graduated number one in his police academy class. Little did they know, Reina had a plan and determination like no other to succeed in his new career. Learn more:


In 2007 Reina founded Talk Fusion, a video marketing company. He has drawn on his vast experience in marketing and direct selling to make the company what it is today. With products like Video Email, Talk Fusion has become a global success built on innovation.


Bob Reina isn’t any overnight success although Talk Fusion accumulated wealth rapidly. He worked hard to make his dream a reality. There were times when things weren’t looking so good and nobody would’ve thought lesser of him for giving up. Luckily, Reina has a never quit mentality. he knew if he just stayed with it and chased the dream instead of the money he’d be successful. Learn more:


when the idea for Talk Fusion finally came across his mind it was like a eureka moment. All his hard work had finally payed off. he knew it had the potential to be something great from the beginning.


Entrepreneur Bob Reina shows that in order to reach your goals sometimes you have to be willing to take a risk. You can not allow the fear of failure to hold you back from obtaining what you really want in life. He proves that belief in yourself is all you need to be successful in the land of opportunity.