Mark Hutchinson’s Mission to “Re-wild” Mankind

Mark Hutchinson, also known as “Hutch,” has spent his whole life in the bush. After a stint as a Jackaroo in Northern Australia and a roadtrip trek across the continent of Africa, he founded his own company, Untamed. This global adventure company guides tourists and travelers alike into the very last vestiges of Mother Nature. Learn more:


He’s also the founder of Wild Ark, an organization which focuses on empowering conservationist efforts across the globe through protection of biodiversity. Its main goal is the protection and preservation of endangered species within the world’s most fragile ecosystems.


Mark grew up in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales, with each holiday being spent traveling through huge, wide open terrain, driving on dusty tracks to reach friends’ farms. The allure of open, wild spaces has stayed with him into early adulthood, where he spent time as a Jackaroo, living an independent life and driving around all day in a 4×4 on dirt roads. Learn more:


After his time as a Jackaroo, Mark drove the length of Africa and gained the confidence he needed to stop simply enjoying wildlife and begin to actively protect wildlife by building his dream business, Untamed.


The mission of the company was to take travelers of the wanderlust variety to the furthest outposts of the globe—the opposite of a luxury holiday adventure, which Mark feels separates human beings from nature and draws a line in the sand between exploration and domesticity. Learn more:


Mark’s newest venture, Wild Ark, promotes the idea of “rewilding” human beings—that is, putting human beings back in touch with nature, and with the wildness which exists within our own lizard brains. Wild Ark’s main goals are to acquire land to be returned to a natural state, re-wild land which has been degraded, rehabilitate agricultural terrain, create wildlife corridors as a buffer between National Parks.


Mark has a Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of Sydney, an MBA from INSEAD Business School. When he isn’t in the bush, Mark enjoys surfing and spending time at his farm in New South Wales, Australia. His life’s goal is to leave the world a better, more natural place for future generations.