The History and Contributions of George Soros

Mr. George Soros has had a long and eventful life. He is from Hungary where he was born in 1930. His parents were not practicing Jews but prosecuted by the German Nazi nonetheless. The name of the family was Schwartz as Soros came later after the father decided to change the name and start anew.

When George Schwartz was only nine years old, the Second World war broke out. Hungary was under the force of the Nazis, and the whole family was forced to run. His father bought George and his siblings false identification documents. They claimed that they were Christians and that way they were able to survive. George ended up at the home of a local authority who was paid off to look after him and hide him from the Nazi and more information click here.

A decade after George Soros started a new life in London. He studied Economics and took up a job at a local bank. Later George Soros immigrated to the United States where he started working on Wall Street, and success followed soon after. He established a hedge fund and became an active and influential investor and businessman. George Soros opened a company called Sors Fund management. The business is enormous, and it handles billions of dollars a year. George Soros himself amassed a huge fortune which placed him in the list of the wealthiest people alive. Currently residing in New York City, George Soros is the head of the Soros Fund Management company as its Chief Executive Officer.

The Open Society Foundations is one of the biggest accomplishments of his life according to George Soros. The foundation is a synergy of several organizations which operate in all parts of the world. The purpose is to enhance the lives of those who do not have privileges in society such sex workers, drug addicts, homeless people, LGBTQ people, and much more. TheOpen Society Foundations offer grants and scholarship as well as other kinds of support. The name of the network comes from the philosophical concept of an open society which does not discriminate and segregate people based on religion, sexual orientation, and so on. This idea became a focus for George Soros during his year at the London School of economics, and it has been an inspiration and a passion for him ever since. The foundation is only a part of the substantial philanthropy that George Soros has been doing for most of his life and what George Soros knows.

George Soros is also a published author. In 1987 he shared some insight of his view on business and finance through the publication of his book The Alchemy of Finance. Since then Geroge Soros has published many more books that details many of his life passions, including political views and George’s lacrosse camp.

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