AVAAZ – The Voice of the World

Avaaz, the transliteration of a Persian word meaning voice or song. Avaaz, the voice or song of change around the globe. In 2007 Avaaz, a United States based civic organization launched. This group promotes activism on a number of issues facing the world. Climate change, human rights, corruption, poverty, and animals rights are just a few issues they are concerned with. It is considered by some to be the largest and most powerful online activist network in the world.

Recently Avaaz challenged the Fox bid to acquire Sky. The group claims Ofcom’s initial ruling on the deal was flawed and definitely needs to be reviewed. The question is, will the pay-tv provider remain fit to hold a broadcasting license under the control of billionaire Robert Murdoch. There are broadcast standards and Avaaz does not feel the standards would be met under the new ownership.

If the “fit and proper” debate were revisited the Murdoch’s handling of the recent sexual and racial harassment allegations at Fox News in the United States would be brought back to life. Time and time again Ofcom has let Fox off with a clean bill of health disregarding the standards they themselves support. Avaaz believes it is time they put the errors right if want to regain their credibility. They are currently requesting documents related to Fox’s dealing with Ofcom. Culture secretary, Karen Bradley, is separately looking into the matter, deciding whether or not to ask for a deeper, six- month probe of the merger. She does intend to call for the Competition and Markets Authority to investigate further. Would this merger give the Murdoch family too much control over UK media? The outcome is yet to be known. Avaaz is standing its ground bringing the irregularities of this merger to light.