American Institute of Architects Thrives Under New Leadership

The American Institute of Architects was started in 1857 in New York; its initial name was New York Society of Architects. The group was started to feel the gap that was in the architectural industry that gave room to anybody to declare themselves as architects. The corporation that began with only 13 members has grown to 300 chapters with different membership levels and had approximately 200 employees.

Members of the Institute get services using advocacy, community, and information. AIA membership includes architect members, associate members, allied members, emirate members, and international associate members. AIA membership consists of all levels of architects starting from students to veterans.

American Institute of Architects offers the following services to its members.

Provide young architect professionals with plenty of web-based resources to help them kick-start their career.

Facilitate education programs for architects to maintain their license.

They award high achievers to promote excellence and professionalism at work.

They are the advocates in the architectural world.

They do a market research to establish the path that architectural business is taking.

They work with other organizations to make the public belief in architects.

American Institute of Architects organizes conferences to equip architects by exposing them to new development in the architectural world.

About Robert Ivy

Robert is the current chief executive officer and executive vice president of America Institute of Architects. He is leading a team of 90,000 architects and professionals to make the architectural environment better and offer clients quality services. Robert has been tasked to maintain the rich legacy of AIA and to make it more proactive and influential body in the construction industry.

One of his most significant objectives is to create public awareness on the relevance and importance of architects in their construction needs. Robert has for the last six years been committed to equipping the leadership of AIA and coming up a digital technology infrastructure to make AIA a first-class technology backed industry.

Robert Ivy is a corporate executive and former magazine editor. He holds bachelor’s degree in architecture from Sewanee University, another BA, English degree from the University of the South and a master’s degree in Architecture from Tulane University.

Robert has been fortunate in his career. Architectural Record Magazine received numerous honors and journalism awards during his tenure as the chief editor. Alpha Rho Chi awarded Robert for his outstanding performance in communicating the values of architecture and design. Robert joined America Institute of Architects in 2011, and his spirit of excellence has been going up since then.