Securus Technologies Help Link Prisoners and Families

Securus Technologies is a communications company that links families of people who are in prison with their loved ones who are incarcerated. It is one of the largest of such companies, currently with over 1.2 million incarcerated being served and over 3,400 correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations as clients.


The Securus communications features have provided a link for inmates to stay in touch with their families while they are incarcerated. It has been shown that inmates who are able to stay in communication with family do better when they are released from prison in adapting to society.


There are several plans from which to choose in establishing the communications connection. The direct bill, the collect plan, inmate pay, and the pre-payment plan. There is also a video plan where inmates and their families can participate in a live streaming connection which is just as good as the family visiting the prison as everyone is live on air during the hookup. This saves time and money for the family as they don’t have to take the time and expense to travel to the correction facility to see their loved one.


The corrections institutions who have to use Securus over the years are very pleased with the results, not only of the ease in which families can connect with inmates, but also with the security and leading technologies efforts. The recent acquisition of JPay by Securus has prompted acclaim from clients regarding how electronic payments have improved.


The use of JPay has enhanced ease of use of these technologies and it has also the ability of correctional facilities to thwart crime, reduce recidivism, and to stop waste. This new feature gives inmates the access to a variety of services such as games, books, music, education, shopping, and email. The overall feeling about these new items is demonstrated positive.

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