Fabletics Provides Better Shopping Experience

Fabletics is a company that is dedicated to making sure that people are able to get the shopping opportunities that are right for them. Fabletics is run by a team of strong leaders headed up by Kate Hudson and that has given the company the chance at making a difference for the people who they provide clothing to. It has also given the majority of their consumers the chance to get the clothes that they need without ever having to worry about leaving their homes. Everyone can take the style quiz and find the perfect outfit for themselves without ever having to battle the crowds at the mall.


The only way that people used to be able to shop with Fabletics is through their website. When people go to the site, they are prompted to take the style quiz. This quiz will help the stylists figure out what type of activities the customers do, what clothes they are interested in and even what size they need to receive with their clothing options. It is an easy quiz but one that will provide a lot of insight to the stylists. From there, they can choose from a few options and are sent their clothes on a regular basis.


While this model has worked well for Fabletics, they recently opened up flagship brick and mortar stores. These are in big city areas and cater to people who do want to shop in a mall environment. This adds another aspect to the shopping experience and gives even more women a chance to enjoy Fabletics. Now, those who want to shop offline are able to do so through these stores that Fabletics has created for people to be able to take advantage of while they are in malls and other locations.


Even more recently, Fabletics started to sell their clothing on Amazon. They chose this avenue so that they would not have to compete with their own website from a different site and so that they would be able to reach those who didn’t want to shop on their own site. It was a major change in the way that things were done with the company and made it easier for everyone to get what they needed. The introduction of this marketplace also gave more people a chance to have faster shipping thanks to the Amazon shipping method that is much quicker than others.

Fabletics’ Efforts to Improve Customer Experience

Fabletics is among the most popular athletic outfit brands. If you’ve been looking for clothes to wear for your workouts, then you need to read this article. We’ll discuss various things that you need to know about Fabletics. Additionally, we’ll include experiences of people who use the brand.

Fabletics sell trendy athletic apparel at affordable prices. They offer great discounts to customers on their first purchase. Kate Hudson, the co-founder of Fabletics, aims to provide garments that make customers feel comfortable and sexy.

VIP Membership

2-3 articles of clothing from Fabletics go for about $100. The company has a VIP member subscription service that offers great discounts to VIP shoppers. Instead of paying $100 for an outfit, VIP members pay $49.95, which is 50% of the selling price. All VIP purchases include free shipping. So, members don’t have to incur additional costs after buying from Fabletics.


To become a Fabletics VIP member, you need to take a LifeStyle Quiz. You can take the quiz on their site. Once you become a member, Fabletics will recommend new outfits to you based on your workout preferences and fashion style. Additionally, they’ll send you handpicked athletic garment on the first day of each month. Outfits for all VIP members start at $49.95. VIP members are required to log in between the first and fifth of each month to make a selection or “skip the month.” If you don’t take any action by 6th of the month, you’ll be charged $49.95. Customers are allowed to skip as many months as they wish. You can cancel your membership at any time.


Consumer experience


Fabletics are friendly to their customers. They offer high-quality products at great discounted prices. If you order online, you don’t have to worry about the sizing as they’ll make sure you receive the right size.


The customer service at Fabletics is good. They always resolve issues raised by customers. The company also offers prompt responses to inquiries. Additionally, their delivery is fast and impressive. If you’re not satisfied with your order, you can exchange the outfit.


The reverse showroom technique

Brand recognition is a great way to get more customers. Fabletics’ online brand store has offered them high market exposure. E-commerce marketing is the first step of implementing the reverse showroom technique. Fabletics has built a high-value brand by selling items at half cost to VIP members and new customers. The membership program has brought success to the brand. It has also helped build strong customer relationships.